Best Women’s Drug Rehab

A good women’s drug rehab is very important for women that are struggling with drug addiction. Women and men experience drug addiction different. This is because women bodies are affected by drug abuse different. Female addicts are also perceived differently by the society especially mothers. As such, women addiction is usually accompanied by more traumas that men addiction. Additionally, women are more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse at the time of active addiction. This indicates that although drug addiction is not a specific challenge for women, it affects them differently. This is why a drug rehab that admits women only is important. It provides treatment programs that are based on the recognition and understanding of the specific challenges and needs of women.

Treatment of unique issues

In most cases, women that have been drug addicts are faced with issues of self-worth and self-esteem, trauma, co-dependency and abuse. A facility that admits women only provides an atmosphere of security and safety to women. Such a facility is important because it ensures that women do not feel uncomfortable or insecure while speaking about issues that affect them. A women only drug rehab is not just about treating their addiction. Such a rehab allows women the space that they need to express themselves and develop skills that they need to transit to a sober and satisfying life without the devastation that is associated with this transition.

Addressing shame and guilt

Most women addicts suffer shame and guilt once they decide to end their addiction. Shame and guilt is usually a major barrier when it comes to seeking professional assistance. It is also a major cause of relapse. Some women also feel guilt and shame that is associated with parenting as well as the ability to take care of the family. There are also women that have sexual behavior issues by feeling that they did not meet the expectations of the society. Such issues are also addressed in a better way in a women only rehab center.


Women have difficulties in forming a healthy self-identity. Usually, they are wrapped up in being girlfriends or wives as well as mothers to a level of not developing their real selves.

Self-worth and body image

Low self-esteem and self worth are some of the factors that lead to drug abuse and addiction. If women do not build self-worth and self-esteem in a rehab center, they are likely to relapse after leaving the center. Body image is also another issue that is addressed in a rehab center. A lot of pressure is put on women to achieve a certain look. This pressure can be the cause of drug abuse and addiction. Such issues are addressed by the treatment that is offered at a good women only rehab center.

At our drug rehab|St.louis, we understand issues that women face, how they cause drug abuse, addiction and relapse after leaving a rehab center. If you are looking for the best women’s drug rehab that will offer you all the assistance that you need to lead a sober life, join our rehab center.

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